About Us

Build authentic relationships at scale.

We're building Strata to help you build stronger professional relationships and realize the potential of your network. Relationships are critical for almost every aspect of work. More so now than ever before.

Strata is for people who put relationships at the forefront of their work. This includes executives, founders, salespeople, investors, and consultants.  

Strata isn't a sales CRM. You won't find pipeline tracking or revenue reporting in Strata. You will find automated intelligence and recommendations for building relationships with the people who can help you achieve your goals. 

LinkedIn keeps track of everyone you know. Your company’s CRM keeps track of your active sales leads. Strata helps you build your most important professional relationships. 

Be more thoughtful and always stay top of mind.

Strata does more than a spreadsheet. It pulls data from your email, calendar, and third party tools to add intelligence automatically. And it actively recommends who to reach out to move your projects forward. 

Strata is easy to use. We designed it with principles of behavioral science in mind to help you make relationship building a healthy habit. We've also automated data input so that you don't have to do all the grunt work that CRMs require you to do.

You’ll feel like you have your own personal assistant working for you.

Security and privacy is important to us. We'll never share or sell your data. We make money from subscriptions by happy customers, not advertising. 

Meet the Team

Thor Ernstsson

CEO & Tech

Thor previously founded Alpha, an enterprise software company, and Rally Health, a healthcare technology company that was acquired by United Healthcare.

Hailey Swartz

Product & Partnerships

Hailey has over 12 years of product management experience, most recently at Alibaba and AOL. 

mike fishbein

Mike Fishbein

Marketing & Community

Prior to Strata, Mike was Director of Demand Generation at Alpha, where he grew pipeline and produced This is Product Management, the industry's leading podcast. 

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