Are Everything

Strengthen your relationships with the power of AI.

Strata helps leading PE firms and corporates leverage their most valuable resource.

Focus on What Truly Drives Your Success

Your Relationships

Your next big investor, customer, job opportunity, or key hire is within your network. You just need stay in touch with the people you already know.

Get Leverage with AI to Strengthen
Your Relationships

You’ve tried all the tools: spreadsheets, personal CRMs, and LinkedIn. They take too much time to manage. With Strata, you don’t have to do any busy work. It automatically recommends who to reconnect with based on your email and calendar. 

Secure & Intuitive

No more data entry

Strata syncs with your email and calendar to source relationship data and eliminate busy work.

Security you can trust

We keep your data secure. We’ll never sell it or share it with other Strata users.

Unlock Your Next Big Opportunity