Land Your Next Big Investor

Activate your network to land your next big investor, customer, or key hire without wasting time on busy work! 

Sit Back and Let the Power of AI
Do the Work for You

There’s nothing worse than only reaching out when you need something. Strata uses AI based on email and calendar to recommend who you need to reconnect with. No data entry required!

Get Your Network Working for You

Your next big investor, customer, or key hire is only a connection or two away. You just need to build stronger relationships and stay top of mind. 

Grow and Improve Your Investor Network

Get more introductions to investors and strengthen your relationships.

Hire Top Talent Organically

Leverage your network to recruit the best talent.

Get More
Sales Leads

Stay top of mind so that when your network is ready to buy or refer, they think of you. 

Foster Relationships with Mentors and Peers

Stop letting relationships die and missing out on opportunities!

Quick, Safe & Fast

No more data entry

Strata syncs with your email and calendar to source relationship data and eliminate busy work.

Security you can trust

We keep your data secure. We’ll never sell it or share it with anyone.