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Uncover Your Best Opportunities

Strata helps you build stronger relationships and realize the full potential of your professional network.

Strengthen and Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset

your network

Your network is your best source for opportunities. Strata’s outreach recommendations help you stay top of mind, build stronger relationships, and get more referrals.

Land More Sales Leads and Hire Top Talent

Strata scores your relationships to find where to improve, then recommends who to reach out to, when, and what to say. You’ll always know exactly what to do to move your relationships forward.

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Prioritize Your Time on Your Best


Let Strata help you make relationship building a health habit. Strengthen your network no matter how busy you are.

Build Authentic Relationships at Scale

Strata recommends outreach based on email activity data using natural language processing and machine learning. You’ll feel like you have your own coach working for you.

grow professional network

You were introduced to Joanne by Jane Franklin in June 2020

Get back in touch with Joanne

Follow up with Joanne


person crm user

Don has introduced you to 7 people

Thank Don for the introduction to Emily Jackson

Thank Don


person crm user profile two

You introduced Gary to Mark Bellvue

As Gary for feedback on the introduction

Get Feedback from Gary


person crm user profile

It’s been nine months since you last spoke

Check in to see how Alice is doing

Reconnect with Alice


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