9 Zoom Apps You Absolutely Need to Start Using Today



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Everyone knows the basic features of Zoom, the video conferencing application we all know and love: virtual backgrounds, mute and share screen. The company recently introduced the Zoom App Marketplace. Now you can integrate various work tools such as Salesforce, Slack, and Calendly. They add efficiency and fun.  

It made us wonder when Zoom is going to integrate with the apps we really need. Check out our list of app ideas for the new Zoom Marketplace. 

1. Optimism Applicator

Do you ever have feelings of deep existential dread and guilt, but not want to let them show? With the Optimism Applicator, you can keep your looks of disdain to yourself. Just turn on the filter to auto tune your face to a cheery smile of optimism and confidence while you try to spin bad news as good news. The premium version hides eye rolls and can even produce a fake laugh on command.

2. Transcriber

This app transcribes your Zoom calls and emails them to the people who skipped out because they knew the meeting wasn’t really needed. Then, at the next meeting, a robot reads that email fully knowing that no one read it.

3. Redue

Ever regret saying something the exact moment the words come out of your mouth? Quickly hit “command!” and Redue freezes your Zoom before the words ever hit your colleagues’ speakers.

4. Lost Connections

Anytime the conversation turns political, Lost Connections breaks the wifi so that everyone can take a deep breath before the conversation gets heated. 

5. Small Talk 3000

Hate small talk? Small Talk 3000’s got you covered. At the beginning of every Zoom call, the app sends you basic small talk questions such as “how’s life?,” “anything exciting this weekend?,” and “have you seen the new Fast and Furious?” The premium version identifies your meeting partners’ location and then prompts you to congratulate or console them depending on whether their football team won or lost last weekend.

6. Bad News Bears

Anytime bad news comes up, a video of a koala bear becoming friends with a puppy appears on the screen to lift spirits. 

7. Yawn Off

Yawn Off works by monitoring participants’ breath sequences and heart rate. Using a predictive algorithm, it turns off their video and mutes them right before they start to yawn. This allows the yawner to have a private moment without causing contagion to the others.

8. Awkward Silence Elevator Music

Does someone on your team always say “let me think about that”, and then stay silent for more than 30 seconds? Ever asked a rhetorical question that no one realized was rhetorical? Fill those awkward moments with calming elevator music, guaranteed to put meeting participants at ease.

9. Tangent Muter

No Lisa, we don’t need to hear about your European vacation for 15 minutes and no it doesn’t have anything to do with this project planning meeting. If someone is talking for more than five minutes a Tangent Muter prompt appears, asking participants if it’s is a necessary tangent. If more than 50% vote tangent, award ceremony music starts playing to signal to the tangent-er that it’s time to wrap it up.