Personality assessment and communication helper
Sometimes it’s difficult to read people’s personalities and understand their perspective. It’s so challenging, if not impossible, to get an accurate idea of who a person is based on their LinkedIn profile or from brief interactions over email or in the office. Crystal strives to make the hiring, training, and sales processes easier with the DISC behavioral framework that provides personality insights. These insights can help you manage your team by looking at an individual’s DISC personality results and understanding that person’s strengths, weaknesses, and communication style. Crystal’s website how it can be used for hiring, sales, and training. After completing your DISC assesment survey and receiving your personal behavioral insights, you will be able to engage with others’ profiles on LinkedIn to see their “personality graph,” search LinkedIn to source potential candidates for open positions, or view and interact with your coworker’s personality profiles. You have the capability to see how you should interact with your coworkers based on their personality. Crystal is available for free signup with the option to upgrade for increased functionality: a full DISC profile, complete access to team members’ profiles, and shared playbooks with team members.