Relationship intelligence for enterprise cloud
DotAlign is an enterprise cloud solution that provides relationship insights for teams. Too often, we lose track of individuals in our network and, even with a tool like LinkedIn, we can’t keep all their most up to date contact information in one place. DotAlign syncs data from your email, LinkedIn, and calendar, and securely stores this data “without sensitive data leaving the safety of your firm’s cloud.” DotAlign assigns each contact a “relationship score” based on “quantity and recency of emails exchanged with the contact.” This allows you to see who in your organization knows who and how well they know them, and “prioritize leads by score to improve your warm-approach ratio and win more business.” Here are a few use cases for DotAlign:
  • Finding an individual’s latest contact information
  • Seeing a list of founders in your network
  • Finding who in your network works at a certain company
  • Asking the right person to make an introduction to a lead
With a mobile app and desktop accessibility, DotAlign promises to help your team “build the collective knowledge that can drive business growth.”