Email productivity tool
Hey is an email client that markets itself as a “consent-based” emailing platform. This means that when you receive an email from an unknown source, it lands in your Hey “Screener” inbox. From there, you can choose if you want to continue receiving emails from them, and if so, which of three inboxes you want their email to land in: the Imbox–for important mail, the Feed–for newsletters you occasionally scroll through, and the Paper Trail–the things you rarely read. Hey also emphasizes the importance of their users’ privacy. Some emails contain “spy pixels” which can track whether you opened the email, how long you read that email, and potentially more. Hey blocks most of these spy trackers and “puts your privacy above the desires of the marketer, salesperson, or rando” who embedded the tracker in the first place! There are two pricing options for Hey: “Hey for You”($99 per year) which provides an “@hey.com” email address, a personal blog, and a privacy guarantee, and “Hey for Work” ($12 per user per month) which allows thread sharing capabilities to eliminate CC’ing and forwarding, and each employee get an email address with the company domain name.
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