Note-taking tool to for networked thoughts
Roam markets itself as a “note-taking tool for networked thought.” It’s a powerful tool for organizing notes, to-dos, research, and ideas. Some people use it as a light weight relationship manager. You can create pages for everone, take note of what you talked about and how you meet, and create bi-directional links to tags, topics, people, and companies in your other notes pages. You can then find who you should reach out to for a given topic or project, remind yourself of past conversations and other information about the person before talking to someone, and view a graph of how your network and projects are interconnected. Roam has three pricing options: $15 per month, $165 per year, or $500 for 5 years. It doesn’t have all the features that a sales CRM has, but it can help you with the basic but essential ability to keep track of people. However, if you have a very large network and want more help building relationships with them, you may need a more powerful tool that was designed specifically for that purpose.
RoamHD and strata personal crm