Go Back to Conferences in Style with The Conference Glove



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As the world slowly returns to normal, in-person conferences and events are beginning to come back. Conferences are a great place to learn and expand your network, but they also present a world of challenges.

From awkward handshakes to after party (sometimes after-after parties), the events require tactful navigation.

That’s why we created The Conference Glove. It has all the features and functionality you need to make the most of your next conference. 

Never Have an Awkward Handshake Again

Ever have one of those awkward moments where you’re meeting someone and you both keep going back and forth between handshake and fist bump? Yeah, we all have. The Conference Glove mirrors the shape of your partner’s hand and automatically matches to a handshake or fist bump accordingly. Bro hugs are on the roadmap.

Eviscerate Unwanted Business Cards

The Conference Glove instantly eviscerates all the business cards you never asked for in the first place. Just toss them into the built in furnace. Firewood not included.

Sanitize Your Hands Automatically

The Conference Glove destroys all the Covid that your new conference friends have been harboring on their palms and spreading across the conference floor. The built in hand sanitizer automatically dispenses a puddle on your palm as your go in for a handshake. 

Streamline Your Coffee Intake

Did the after party go a little late last night? Did you end up at the unofficial after-after party?? The Conference Glove integrates with the conference’s main coffee supply to give you a steady drip of coffee all day. 

Put Yourself Out There

You never know you’ll meet at a conference. Blast your business cards at crowds of people with ease with The Conference Glove.